White Peacock – acts of kindness and unforgettable love in action

Dear friends,
White Peacock is an initiative from Active Social Responsibility offering direct help and relief through one-time donations to specific projects. If your heart is stirred to make a difference for others, but you don’t feel ready to commit to adopting a long term program – White Peacock is a perfect way for you to practice unforgettable love and care!

We have chosen to name this project White Peacock because it is a symbol of mercy and generosity, and combined with action, that’s what we feel the suffering world needs.

On this page we will present a list of concrete needs and opportunities for you to help. We will acknowledge the person who provided the help, together with pictures, a description of the beneficiaries and how these acts of kindness made an impact on their lives.

Below is a list of projects for you to choose from. Please contact us for further information about the individual projects and transfer of funding.

Donations request are below...

Please feel free to read and consider to put your love to one or more of these actions...

Thank you so much for your great heart!

---> Medical expense for students

We want to provide good health care for our students.

Every time our students fall sick, we need to bring them to the hospital which is an hour far away.

You are invite to donate funds for students medical fee.

---> Computer for students

We would like to offer the students basic computer lessons as we feel this will help improve their future. Apart of learning computer, they also can have software (CD ROM) to study English.

$US 300 for one set of computer

---> Two annual field trips

Very few of the students have ever been outside their village, and it will be very benefitcial for them to be able to visit educational facilities outside the school. We would like to arrange for 2 annual field trips for the students, and the amount requested includes transportation, food and any entry fees. $US 30 for each child

---> Medical care for elderly women abandon by family

This will be a very good thing for the elderly women to receive health care and stay healthy.

Please make donations as your desire.

---> Emergency kids for newly arrived children/families

The border situation is sometimes unstable, which can cause waves of refugees/migrants to cross the border. They are extremely vulnerable to diseases and exploitation, and we would like to offer some basic food, mosquito nets and clothing for these children/families.

It is hard t give an exact estimate, but $US 150 can help around 1 families with the most necessities to survive.

Please also consider and make donations as your desire.

---> Homeless old man no family

Homeless old man no family-need food subsidy can live in worker camp.

Please make donations to help them as your desire.

---> Neglected children

Eleven years old boy neglected by parents need teacher support at school.

Please make donations as your desire.

---> Donations for General

You are welcomed to take part with this project which we are together growing up children with good education.
We help them not only food and studying, if it helps them to have better life, brighter and safer future.

You are honored to do the donations as your desire.